For the Loyalty Card Holder

What is the Braintree Loyalty Card?

It is a card that can be used with all signed up TRADERS or providers of goods and services to the public. They can be found on our directory (see menu link)

How do I get a loyalty card?

The card can only be purchased on this website at the moment,  the link to buy a card is here

How much is the loyalty card and how long can I use it for?

The card can be purchased directly from our website for £5.00 and is valid for one year from date of purchase.

How many times can I use the loyalty card?

It’s UNLIMITED use in all signed up businesses providing the card is in date. Date of issue will be on the back of the card. When you need to renew, we can either send you a reminder or just purchase a new one next year.

People are saying that Braintree only has hairdressers, estate agents and charity shops, where can I use it?

Yes, Braintree does seem to have a lot of these but we are encouraging all independent businesses from food outlets, to car dealers and window cleaners to garden landscapers- this is after all a chance to see what Braintree really has to offer the wider scale and not just the high street shops which are actually very good!

A loyalty card scheme was done before, why is this different?

The previous scheme relied on businesses submitting new weekly offers which became cumbersome, added to which there was no real drive or motivation behind promoting the scheme or help to promote each business. Our loyalty card has no restrictions on how often you use the card and the businesses signed up are offering their discounts for the whole year consistently.

Are you planning to sign up any shops in Freeport?

The main aim of the Braintree Loyalty Card is to promote local independent businesses. but if any shops from Freeport wish to sign up then we would be more than happy to accept them.

What happens to the money I pay for the loyalty card?

The Braintree Loyalty Card is a self funded business so the principle aim is to create a salary for the people that work for the organisation.. A portion of the profits after year one will be donated to a local cause or event in the Braintree area. We will update you on this in due course.

How can I nominate a cause / Event in Braintree when the time comes?

If you would like to nominate a cause or event for a donation after year one- then leave us a comment on our contact page here

For Business & Traders

What’s in it for business and traders?

The Braintree Loyalty Card exists to promote local businesses and independent traders via the website news link and its social media platforms. If you are a home based business and can facilitate the loyalty card we welcome your entry also.

How does a business sign up?

Fill out the quick traders application and we will do the rest! We will visit you and give you the window sticker, check your offer and away you go! We will then promote your business via the website blog, and social media ! Also we provide you with the best deal yet- a great deal on any of your printing and website needs at up to 50% discount in some cases !

Here is the trade application form shortcut- TRADERS APPLICATION

What trades or businesses can sign up?

Any business that can offer a discount on their products or services to provide an incentive for potential new customers to visit them. You don’t have to be a retail shop, you can be a trader such as a garden landscaper, builder, decorator or window cleaner. Just as long as you are mainly based in the Braintree District or your trading address is in the Braintree District.

What sort of offer do I have to give?

Anything you want ! Typically people are offering 10% off or a free gift or an incentive that you think would be of value to your customers, all we ask is that it is valid for at least 1 day every week.

How long does my business listing stay on the directory?

As long as you want it to, the listing is free and will stay there unless you ask us to remove you, we will also continue to promote you as long as you are on the directory.

Standard basic terms of use for the loyalty card

  • The Braintree Loyalty card can only be used once per transaction

  • Retailer exclusions may apply, such as this card may not be used in conjunction with other offers

  • A retailer may elect not to honour the card if they believe that the card may be fraudulent or copied or tampered with in any way